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2013 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills rumors, Round 2 open thread

A super-photogenic Buddy Nix watches over you as you discuss the events leading up to the Bills' first pick in Round 2.


Round 2 of the 2013 NFL Draft won't begin for another two and a half hours, but the rumor mill is starting to pick back up, and Buffalo Bills fans need a place to talk about everything we hear leading up to the Bills' two second-round picks, Nos. 41 and 46 overall. In fact, the Bills have three picks to make tonight; here's their full slate of selections:

Rd # Team Player Pos. College
1 16 Buffalo Bills E.J. Manuel QB Florida State
2 41 Buffalo Bills
2 46 Buffalo Bills (f/STL)
3 78 Buffalo Bills (f/STL)
4 105 Buffalo Bills
5 143 Buffalo Bills
6 177 Buffalo Bills
7 222 Buffalo Bills (f/STL)

Buffalo made a bold move to try to solve its longest-standing problem last night in Round 1 when it selected Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel with the No. 16 overall pick. Now that the team has its franchise quarterback in waiting, the team will have three more picks tonight - thanks to a trade down with the St. Louis Rams on Thursday night - to address some of the team's other major needs. Wide receiver, linebacker and the defensive backfield seem like the most likely targets, though tight end could come into play as well.

This will be our afternoon open thread, and it'll carry us straight through to the Bills' first pick of the evening. From there, it's business as usual. Let the rumor-mongering and chatting begin on this lovely Friday afternoon in Western New York!

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