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Buffalo Bills' Kevin Kolb signing still unconfirmed

Bills fans are getting antsy that the Kevin Kolb signing has not yet been confirmed by the team.

Christian Petersen

I've been emailed, tweeted and pinged the following paraphrased question so many times over the past 48 hours that it's time to address it in a post: why haven't the Buffalo Bills announced the Kevin Kolb signing?

The short answer: I don't know. But don't go reading into it too deeply (yet), because it could not be any more obvious that the Bills are expecting it to happen, and probably soon. Head coach Doug Marrone all but confirmed it will eventually go through in a press conference on Tuesday with local reporters.

"Really, I can't say anything about Kevin, because nothing's official," Marrone said yesterday. "I can't really say anything until it becomes official." He'd later continue: "As soon as he comes onto the roster, and it's official, then I'll officially comment on it."

There could be a number of reasons that the deal has not yet been confirmed or announced by the team, but after Marrone's quotes came through yesterday, there's no reason to fret, in my opinion. Hang in there, Bills fans, and speculate all you like about the cause of the delay - but if you're worried, don't be. Not yet, anyway.