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Buffalo Bills still have $16.3 million in 2013 salary cap space

You'll never again have to wonder how much cap space the Bills have thanks to the NFLPA.

Jamie Squire

Have you ever randomly wondered how much money the Buffalo Bills (or any other NFL team) had under the salary cap, then struggled to find that information available? Well, no more. The NFLPA is now publishing that data four times per day, so give that link a bookmark and never wonder again.

Last week, reported that the Bills were $16,851,532 under this year's salary cap. That figure has since dropped to $16,347,532 per NFLPA records, with the only roster change coming in the form of the Alan Branch signing. The veteran defensive tackle signed a reported one-year, $3 million contract, but Buffalo's cap room dropped by only $504,000. Only six teams are further under the cap than Buffalo at this point.

The cap will take a bigger hit when the signing of free agent quarterback Kevin Kolb becomes official. Contract details are still not known - the delay in the signing could very well have to do with the details of that contract, after all - but reports indicate that it could be worth up to $13 million over two years.