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2013 NFL Draft: are Ryan Nassib, E.J. Manuel first-round picks?

Nassib and Manuel are among four quarterbacks in a perceived weak class that could still crack Round 1.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

We're now 17 days away from the start of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Buffalo Bills still need to take a quarterback in said draft, and if what Peter King of Sports Illustrated is hearing is correct, two prospects that could be of interest to the Bills may not be around when the Bills make their second-round pick, at No. 41 overall.

"When I talk to teams leading up to the April 25 first round, I keep hearing both (Ryan Nassib) and (E.J. Manuel) as late-first-round prospects," King wrote in his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column. "Nassib in particular, and certainly more than Manuel."

And while it's certainly not an original thought, King also included this in the final portion of his column: "I think Doug Marrone's taking Ryan Nassib. I can't stop thinking that."

The implication, of course, is that if what King is hearing is correct - and that both Nassib and Manuel are being targeted by teams in the bottom of the first round - then what he thinks about Nassib being linked to the Bills is irrelevant unless the team takes Nassib in the Top 10 or trades (either down from No. 8 or up from No. 41) to get it done. GM Buddy Nix has made one draft-day trade in three years - and that was to move up two spots in last year's third round.

Nassib and Manuel join Geno Smith of West Virginia and Matt Barkley of USC as potential first-round picks, if what King and others are hearing is true as the draft approaches.