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2013 NFL free agents: Bills finally confirm Kevin Kolb signing

Terms of Kolb's two-year deal are not yet known. He'll speak to reporters early Monday afternoon.

Jim Rogash

The Buffalo Bills have finally confirmed the signing of free agent quarterback Kevin Kolb, bringing to a close a nine-day wait from the initial report that the sides had agreed to the parameters of a two-year deal. Kolb will be addressing reporters early this afternoon for the first time, which you'll be able to stream live at if you so desire.

Official terms of the deal are still not known, but could be in short order. We already know, via various reports, that Kolb's two-year deal has a maximum value of $13 million, but he's unlikely to see all of that.

Said GM Buddy Nix of the signing, via the team's official Twitter handle: "He’s a player we had targeted since he became a free agent... we think we’ve added a good one." Also, this: "He should be a strong candidate in the competition for the starting quarterback position."

While Kolb gears up for a quarterback competition that will also feature Tarvaris Jackson, we'll continue to focus on the potential early-round draft pick that will be joining the fray in a few weeks.