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2013 NFL mock draft: Jarvis Jones, E.J. Manuel to Buffalo Bills

It's that time of the year again: to rip apart our Bills picks in the annual SB Nation NFL writers' mock draft.

Al Messerschmidt

The astute readers of Buffalo Rumblings have sharpened their verbal epithets about certain prospects in preparation for the annual NFL Draft by ripping apart my own efforts in the annual SB Nation NFL bloggers' mock draft for several years now. Case(s) in point: the grades that the community has given my Buffalo Bills picks over the last three years.

  • 2010: Two horrible picks were made (QB Jimmy Clausen and OLB Eric Norwood), but the positional value was high enough to net me a still-awful 2.25 GPA.
  • 2011: I actually liked these two picks quite a bit (CB Patrick Peterson, QB Jake Locker), and still do. Yet the community slapped me with a 2.55 GPA. Y'all really are a tough crowd to please.
  • 2012: Thanks to my first-round pick (OT Mike Adams), not even a good second-round save (DE Chandler Jones) could save me from a career-low 1.40 GPA. Hello, academic probation!

I'm shooting to get back into the C-plus range this year, and the two picks are in:

Rd # Player Pos. College Ht Wt 40
1 8 Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia 6'2" 245 4.92
Buffalo still has a need for an elite-level edge rusher, and while Jones is a risky proposition thanks to an awful workout at his pro day, he offers that asset - and he'll likely be picked very early because of it. A supremely productive collegian (44 tackles for loss and 28 sacks in two seasons in the SEC), Jones makes up for his lack of elite athleticism with great instincts, hustle and underrated football smarts. He would be a huge asset for Mike Pettine and a solid bookend across the line of scrimmage from Mario Williams. FULL STORY
2 41 E.J. Manuel QB Florida State 6'5" 237 4.65
In a year with no sure bets at the game's most important position, Manuel offers at least as much upside as any prospect available. His intangibles are top-notch and he's a physically imposing athletic specimen, with the requisite arm strength to thrive in Buffalo and the running ability to bring diversity to an offensive attack. Manuel won't be able to play right away, but he wouldn't have to in Buffalo - and if the Bills are going to finally stake their claim with a franchise quarterback under Buddy Nix, they may as well try for the biggest boom possible. Manuel is a huge risk, but the potential rewards are huge. FULL STORY

You want to vote. You need to vote. Your trigger finger is itching, and you've got opinions to share. Have at it. The football gods know I can take it.