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Ex-fiancée alleges Mario Williams had suicidal thoughts in November 2012

Mario Williams had suicidal thoughts in November 2012, alleges his former fiancée.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

On November 11, 2012, Mario Williams threatened to commit suicide, alleges his former fiancée. That according to a report today by the Houston Chronicle.

In a three-page document released today in court proceedings surrounding his lawsuit to recoup the almost $800,000 engagement ring he gave girlfriend Erin Marzouki, she alleges he wrote about taking hydrocodone pills, a narcotic derived from codeine.

"I took 3 hydrocodones this morning and no one knows," Williams allegedly texted, followed by "I’m going to take 2 more on the plane and fade away." He also purportedly sent a message saying, "No money in the world should leave me with suicidal thoughts."

It should be noted that Williams was less than three weeks removed from wrist surgery at the time the texts are said to be sent, and there is no information on how the pills were obtained. The date in question puts Williams on a plane home from New England following Buffalo's 37-31 road loss. Through her lawyer, Marzouki claims she thought the texts were serious enough to warrant a follow up on the same day.

"You told me you’re having suicidal thoughts," Marzouki claims to have written. "Clearly me & you don’t need to talk after every mean thing you said to be, but I’m going to tell DD to call you or something BC you went above and beyond saying suicidal thoughts, taking pills. Someone that you trust needs to intervene."

The pair's engagement broke off either late last year or early this year, depending on the side you're talking to. Marzouki's case is being built around portraying Williams as emotionally unstable, as author David Barron notes in the original article. It should be noted that the two reportedly suffered through an elongated breakup in the 2012 calendar year, and are currently in the midst of a very public court battle, where claims may be exaggerated on both sides.