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Buffalo Bills re-watch series: 2013 summer brainstorming

What would you like to learn about the 2013 Buffalo Bills this summer?

Now that the 2013 NFL Draft is in the books and the spring and summer months are on the horizon, we're getting into the annual portion of our blogging calendar where covering Buffalo Bills news becomes an increasingly rare occurrence. As such, it's time to brainstorm some post ideas to carry us through the summer months.

MRW and I are veterans at this, so we'll have plenty in the tank for the foreseeable future. One series that I am particularly interested in getting feedback from the community on, however, is a planned film review series.

Specifically, my plan is to have an all-22 film review post up every Friday through training camp this summer. I'll be starting the process next Friday with a look at how Mike Pettine and the New York Jets tried to defend the New England Patriots last year.

That's just one Friday covered, though. We've got a dozen to get through before camp starts, and I'm looking for your suggestions on what to study for these weekly posts. They can be about anything that can be viewed in NFL Game Rewind, so breakdowns of the Syracuse offense or any of the team's rookies are off the table, as I don't have access to all-22 tape from the college ranks. Anything I can study from 2012 NFL game tape is up for grabs.

Let's brainstorm, Buffalo Rumblings. It may be the off-season, but the learning never stops - particularly when an organization is changing the way it does things on the field. What would you like to learn about the Bills this summer?