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Buffalo Bills news, 5/25: Jerry Jones talks Ralph Wilson Stadium lease

One very powerful NFL owner thinks Buffalo Bills fans should be happy with their stadium renovations. It's also a likely shot at Miami and their failed stadium renovations.

Joe Robbins

Jerry Jones advises Bills fans to relax about long-term WNY future - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News

Jerry Jones: "That's going to be very important to the Bills and their fans. They have a great tradition, a great legacy, and that stadium will certainly have the capacity and will not be a handicap for the Bills to compete over the next several years."

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Pettine gauging versatile fits for his defense -
"We’ve been pleasantly surprised with the cumulative intelligence of the group because we’ve had to do a lot early," said Pettine. "We’ve started early focusing on fundamental stuff rather than scheme, but we’ve still had to throw a lot at them schematically to get up to speed. We don’t want to go too slow with it. I think we’ve done a good job blending the fundamentals with the schematics of it and the guys have responded."

Inside The Bills | Fan Friday 5-24
Chris Brown talks of adding a veteran cornerback (but there isn't one to add) and says the Bills would have traded back if E.J. Manuel was off the board at No. 16.

Reviewing 'Show and Prove' Class of 2012 - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Ryan Fitzpatrick and Shawne Merriman did not show and prove.

Eight in the Box: RB status check - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"New head coach Doug Marrone is expected to learn from Gailey’s mistakes. Spiller as the primary ball-carrier, with Jackson as the backup, would make a dangerous combination."

Poll Friday: Last place in AFC East? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
The J-E-T-S are crushing the competition. Buffalo gets just 14 percent of the vote.

An early vote for Brian Moorman over Drew Butler for 2013 punting duties - Behind the Steel Curtain
Brian Moorman looks like he has the inside track in Pittsburgh.

Ultimate Texans - Attorney seeks perjury probe against ex-Texan Williams in ring dispute
"In a motion filed Friday, Buzbee asked the court dismiss the lawsuit and award court costs and legal fees to Marzouki. Failing that, he said Williams should be required to remove false statements from the lawsuit and refile it if he chooses. At any rate, Buzbee wrote, Williams’ comments about Marzouki in the suit should be forwarded to the district attorney’s office to determine whether the player should be prosecuted for perjury."