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2014 NFL Draft dates: event moved to May 8-10 next year

Unless the Bills end their 13-year playoff drought this year, we'll be waiting another two weeks for the rough equivalent of this fan base's Super Bowl.


If you thought the wait between December 30, 2012 (the Buffalo Bills' regular season finale) and April 25, 2013 (the start of the 2013 NFL Draft) was a long one, this news isn't for you: the NFL has announced that the 2014 NFL Draft will take place on May 8-10, 2014 at Radio City Music Hall.

The Bills' regular season finale this year is on December 29, meaning that unless Buffalo ends its 13-year playoff drought, we'll be waiting an extra two weeks for the most exciting annual off-season event for our fan base.

The NFL's decision to move the draft into May had to do with a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall; the decision to hold the draft in May is therefore not a permanent one, and nothing has been announced beyond next year's draft. Other off-season events - such as the start of the league year and the 2014 NFL Combine dates (February 18-25) - remain in their usual time frames.

Please make the playoffs this year, Buffalo.