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Buffalo Bills left guard competition: Colin Brown, Doug Legursky emerge

Despite joining the team only a week ago, Doug Legursky is already making waves in the Bills' starting left guard competition.


In the press release announcing the signing of free agent offensive lineman Doug Legursky last week, the Buffalo Bills made it fairly clear that the veteran of the Pittsburgh Steelers was going to be a legitimate starting left guard candidate. The idea had merit for one simple reason: Legursky has significantly more NFL playing experience than the team's incumbent contenders for the position.

Legursky practiced with the Bills for the first time on Tuesday, and as expected, he was lining up at left guard (he can also play center).

According to Chris Brown, the lead reporter at, Legursky was later sprinkled in for some first-team reps, swapping places on the depth chart with Colin Brown. For now, it's looking like Legursky and Brown may be the leading candidates to replace Andy Levitre - though other players like Sam Young, Chris Scott and Zack Chibane could factor back into the equation down the line.

"He’s been a pretty good swing player," head coach Doug Marrone said of Legursky. "He’s done that before where he’s played guard and center. He’ll compete for one of those positions and again right now we really don’t have, just like at quarterback, we’re having that competition at left guard. Colin is in there, Doug is in there and we might put some other players in there."