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Most unique Buffalo Bills memorabilia

We asked fans on Twitter and Facebook to share their most unique piece of Buffalo Bills memorabilia. Some are just beyond normal, while others blow past that description.

Rick Stewart
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

We've been running an off-season series of posts focusing on Buffalo Bills merchandise this year. Many of them have centered around what's available on eBay, but we thought we would give Bills fans a chance to share their unique items this week - and you guys did not disappoint.

Those that were sent via Twitter (@BuffRumblings, @BrianGalliford and @MattRichWarren, for those keeping track at home) were embedded with descriptions. Facebook and emailed pictures have descriptions from the owner and the author.

Let's crown this glass item the winner and move on:

Bills merch you drive

Custom-made helmet signed by an AFL great

Repping the AAFC Bills...

... and the AFL

I'm sure we have a few Thurman Thomas fans

On their own, this wouldn't be unique enough for our purposes. Joe Hart on Facebook shared this game-issue cleat from the Pro Bowl signed by Ryan Fitzpatrick. And that will be the last time I type "Ryan Fitzpatrick" and "Pro Bowl" in the same sentence.


@BillsBackerGer sent in a pic of his Matryoshka. I especially like the big Losman and Reed with the little Edwards and Evans.


This Bills poncho was another favorite of mine

More AFL excellence

Game-used gloves

Beebe - the dog