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Will Buffalo Bills keep two quarterbacks or three?

The Buffalo Bills have kept two quarterbacks on the active roster in each of the last two seasons. Will that trend continue under Doug Marrone?


One of the trends for the Buffalo Bills in the last two years of the Chan Gailey era was to keep two quarterbacks on the active roster, opening up an extra spot for another player that can contribute. Brad Smith, a college quarterback but largely a wide receiver by trade as a pro, served as the team's third quarterback most weeks.

Gailey is obviously not in Buffalo anymore, and the Bills have completely overhauled the quarterback position this off-season, with two rookies (EJ Manuel and Jeff Tuel) and one veteran free agent acquisition (Kevin Kolb) comprising the team's current depth chart. Smith is still on the team, but unlike under the previous coaching staff - who practiced him as a quarterback quite a bit - he's exclusively been playing wideout this spring.

Our question for you this morning is this: knowing that two-thirds of the depth chart has zilch in the way of NFL experience, should the Bills continue their trend of keeping just two quarterbacks on the active roster, or are they better off with a more traditional set of three?