Poll: More likely Tebow starts at TE or Bills win AFC East?

In my mind, this is a no-brainer, but I'm also a Bills fan. Tebow doesn't even play TE. But my co-worker was still willing to make this bet with me, rationalizing it with Gronk's surgeries upon injuries upon surgeries upon injuries and Hernandez's, uh..... issues(?), it's quite possible both may miss significant playing time. Whether that makes a QB a good fill-in, is a different issue altogether.

We still have yet to iron out the wager, but in the meanwhile, I'm curious what y'all think. I'm on record already saying I think the Bills will end the regular season first place in the AFC East (and yes, I'm a total kool-aid drinking homer. But I'm not alone- this dude thinks Bills take first too, so there!)

(UPDATE) Then again, there's stuff like this:

What say you Rumblers?

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