Uusally on we don't see much props given to our beloved Bills, I don't write these often I usually just read what everyone posts, thanks to all who do by the way. Just can't get enough of the rumblings.... so here is the list so far....

Could we FINALLY have a player the NFL thinks worthy of top 10?!?! Can it be?!?! And of course my favorite player CJ SPILLER!!

Rank Player 2012 Team 2013 Team Position 2012 L.C. Ref
11 Drew Brees New Orleans Saints Quarterback Decrease 9
12 DeMarcus Ware Dallas Cowboys Outside linebacker Decrease 6
13 Ray Rice Baltimore Ravens Running back Increase 9
14 Andre Johnson Houston Texans Wide receiver Increase 1
15 Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins Quarterback NR
16 A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals Wide receiver Increase 61
17 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons Quarterback return
18 Ed Reed Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Free safety Decrease 2
19 Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Increase 55
20 Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs Running back return
21 Reggie Wayne Indianapolis Colts Wide receiver return
22 Larry Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinals Wide receiver Decrease 15
23 Andrew Luck Indianapolis Colts Quarterback NR
24 Marshawn Lynch Seattle Seahawks Running back Increase 70
25 Rob Gronkowski New England Patriots Tight end Decrease 4
26 Julio Jones Atlanta Falcons Wide receiver NR
27 Brandon Marshall Chicago Bears Wide receiver return
28 Joe Thomas Cleveland Browns Offensive tackle Increase 54
29 Justin Smith San Francisco 49ers Defensive end Decrease 12
30 Vince Wilfork New England Patriots Defensive tackle Increase 51
31 Clay Matthews Green Bay Packers Outside linebacker Decrease 4
32 Frank Gore San Francisco 49ers Running back Decrease 4
33 Patrick Peterson Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Increase 22
34 Charles Tillman Chicago Bears Cornerback NR
35 Dez Bryant Dallas Cowboys Wide receiver NR
36 Geno Atkins Cincinnati Bengals Defensive tackle NR
37 NaVorro Bowman San Francisco 49ers Inside linebacker Increase 48
38 Vernon Davis San Francisco 49ers Tight end Increase 5
39 Roddy White Atlanta Falcons Wide receiver Increase 26
40 Ndamukong Suh Detroit Lions Defensive tackle Decrease 2
41 Jason Witten Dallas Cowboys Tight end Increase 34
42 Haloti Ngata Baltimore Ravens Defensive tackle Decrease 33
43 Eli Manning New York Giants Quarterback Decrease 12
44 Wes Welker New England Patriots Denver Broncos Wide receiver Decrease 21
45 LeSean McCoy Philadelphia Eagles Running back Decrease 27
46 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers Quarterback Decrease 6
47 Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Falcons Tight end Increase 6
48 Duane Brown Houston Texans Offensive tackle NR
49 Justin Houston Kansas City Chiefs Outside linebacker NR
50 Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks Cornerback NR
51 Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks Quarterback NR
52 Vincent Jackson Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wide receiver NR
53 Champ Bailey Denver Broncos Cornerback Decrease 7
54 Julius Peppers Chicago Bears Defensive end Decrease 28
55 Jason Pierre-Paul New York Giants Defensive end Decrease 31
56 Terrell Suggs Baltimore Ravens Outside linebacker Decrease 45
57 Doug Martin Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running back NR
58 Victor Cruz New York Giants Wide receiver Decrease 19
59 Derrick Johnson Kansas City Chiefs Outside linebacker Increase 19
60 Jared Allen Minnesota Vikings Defensive end Decrease 47
61 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Decrease 31
62 Chris Johnson Tennessee Titans Running back Increase 38
63 Stephen Tulloch Detroit Lions Middle linebacker NR
64 Alfred Morris Washington Redskins Running back NR
65 Dwayne Bowe Kansas City Chiefs Wide receiver return
66 Earl Thomas Seattle Seahawks Free safety Steady 0
67 Darrelle Revis New York Jets Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cornerback Decrease 62
68 Demaryius Thomas Denver Broncos Wide receiver NR
69 Tim Jennings Chicago Bears Cornerback NR
70 Chad Greenway Minnesota Vikings Outside linebacker NR
71 Trent Richardson Cleveland Browns Running back NR
72 Mario Williams Buffalo Bills Defensive end return
73 Antonio Gates San Diego Chargers Tight end return
74 Robert Mathis Indianapolis Colts Outside linebacker / Defensive end return
75 Brandon Flowers Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback NR
76 Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions Quarterback Decrease 35
77 Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots Tight end NR
78 Joe Staley San Francisco 49ers Offensive tackle Decrease 11
79 Luke Kuechly Carolina Panthers Middle linebacker NR
80 Dwight Freeney Indianapolis Colts San Diego Chargers Defensive end Increase 9
81 Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers Quarterback NR [2]
82 Logan Mankins New England Patriots Guard Decrease 18
83 Lance Briggs Chicago Bears Outside linebacker Decrease 11
84 Steve Smith Carolina Panthers Wide receiver Decrease 49
85 Charles Woodson Green Bay Packers Oakland Raiders Cornerback / Strong safety Decrease 49
86 London Fletcher Washington Redskins Inside linebacker Increase 1
87 Bernard Pollard Baltimore Ravens Tennessee Titans Strong safety NR
88 Jacoby Jones Baltimore Ravens Wide receiver NR
89 Cameron Wake Miami Dolphins Defensive end return
90 Percy Harvin Minnesota Vikings Seattle Seahawks Wide receiver NR
91 Troy Polamalu Pittsburgh Steelers Strong safety Decrease 72
92 Gerald McCoy Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive tackle NR
93 Anquan Boldin Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers Wide receiver NR
94 Daryl Washington Arizona Cardinals Inside linebacker NR
95 Max Unger Seattle Seahawks Center NR
96 Dashon Goldson San Francisco 49ers Tampa Bay Buccaneers Free safety NR
97 Heath Miller Pittsburgh Steelers Tight end NR
98 Maurice Jones-Drew Jacksonville Jaguars Running back Decrease 86
99 Trent Williams Washington Redskins Offensive tackle NR
100 Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens Tight end NR [1]

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