Riddles in the Dark

I need some help from the community here. As you may know I follow the Buffalo Bills, a professional NFL football team (not soccer - LOLZ). I enjoy watching press conferences, interviews and as much Buffalo Bills related material as I can find. It's something of a hobby and I found this site recently (in galactic terms) and I think it's a good place to bounce some questions off of some different people. I assume that the screen names here are in fact people and no robots (LOLZ) so hopefully I get some good answers. (HAHA)

Did that first paragraph weird anyone else out? I know, people are straaaange.

In any event, when Chan Gailey took over the Bills you would consistently hear him say "we have a long ways to go". He said that all the time, to my recollection he even said that in regards to installation of the offense and defense.

Now that Doug Marrone is here he just did a sit down interview with John Murphy and said that installation is 90% done for both offense and defense. You've heard Doug and Pettine say that they've been pleased with how the players are taking the information that has been thrown at them.

So here's my question: Why is there such a stark difference between Chan Gailey's early first year and Doug Marrone's first year?

Is it because the roster is simply better equipped with smarter players?
Is it because these coaches are simply better coaches?
Is it because Chan Gailey was more difficult to please and these coaches aren't?

I guess i'm having a hard time figuring out the exact reason as to why these two regimes have much different views on where their team is early in their stints.

It's an observation that I made a while back from watching the Marrone or Pettine sit downs and that theme keeps recurring. Why do I have the feeling that a Chan Gailey coached team would never have 90% of his offense and defensive systems installed this early in his tenure?

I threw a bunch of questions out, hoping to get some feedback and some opinions so have at it. Since i'm relatively new to the Internets (since the early 90's) i'm just starting to learn about this "blagging" thing that my Mom keeps telling me about on her MyFace page. So I figured I give it a try! Thanks!

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