Who is your most disliked former Buffalo Bill?

The string of articles we've had recently about our most disliked players in the AFC East and the rest of the NFL has gotten me curious about something. When looking at your favorite team most people tend to think about their favorite players. I want to talk about our least favorite Buffalo Bills. They can be current and former players. So who are the players you wish had never donned a Bills jersey? Who did you dislike after they left Buffalo? Who are the players you immediately trade or cut when playing Madden? I'll give my short list.

Jason Peters: I'll start this off by saying that I absolutely loathe Jason Peters. Him holding out for more money after getting a new contract and forcing a trade made my blood boil. It's not often I wish a player to have a failed career but he gets my vote. I hope he never holds a championship trophy.

Donte Whitner: For the longest time he was our resident loudmouth. Sadly, he could never back his trash talk up. Watching him whiff on so many tackles on Sundays caused me a good amount of anger issues. Needless to say I wasn't sad to see him leave.

Aaron Maybin: This one really pains me to say. Being a Penn State fan I had very high hopes for Maybin and really wanted him to succeed. Instead, he became yet another busted 1st round pick for us. The fact that he had some success with the Jets makes me even more bitter about it.

Dick Jauron: I don't even know where to begin with this one. He was the cause of some of the most boring, bland games of Bills football that I can remember. His lack of emotion coupled with how poor our offense was made for a very sad few seasons while he was here. I hope we never go through that again.

James Hardy: As a person, I never had an issue with Hardy. As a player on the other hand, what a huge waste of a pick. He was just so useless. Sigh, moving on.

John McCargo: Another case of a high round draft pick that ended up being a flop. We couldn't even trade him away thanks to a failed physical.

Well, that's more short list. This was kind of a spur of the moment article so I didn't really take the time to think on it. I'm sure you all will have some more names for the list. I'm very curious to see who you guys nominate. Thanks for reading and Go Bills!

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