Too Soon?

Last year I made a bold (and very wrong) prediction that based on the addition of Mario and Anderson, we would definitely not lose more than two games by 10 or more points. Looking to justify my optimism, I took a poll of our fellow Rumblers as to how many games we all thought we would lose by 10 or more points. Most responders were divided between 2 or less or 3-4 losses of 10 points or more. A few wise sages said we would lose more than 4 games by 10 points or more. Well, we lost 4 games by 14 or more and we lost 2 games between 10-14 points. We lost 6 games -- SIX!! by 10 or more points last year. Just when I thought we'd be competitive on D week in and week out last year and only lay a few eggs, we were not. This year, I'm going with 14+ point losses as my poll question. Losing by 10 could mean we are within a TD until a late field goal pushes a loss to 10 points. So what say you this year me droogies?

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