Eric Wood at Guard

Last season, the left side of the offensive line helped pave the way for CJ Spiller to rush for 1244 yards with an average of 6 yards per rush. At the end of the 2012 season, the combination of Glenn, Levitre, and Woods had some fans dreaming of our very own CJ2K in the 2013 season. With Fred Jacksons roll likely to be minimized, CJ’s workload would surely increase. While realistically it seems very unlikely that he could rush for 2,000 yards, the likelihood of rushing for 1,600-1,800 yards behind that offensive line seemed very possible.

Fast forward to today, what we have at the LG position is nothing short of uncertainty. What was looked at last year as a strength with Levtire, the left guard position now looks like a weak link. With a host of different names contending for the spot, including the recent signing of Doug Legursky, is it possible to regain that confidence we had in the left side of that line? I think we can, and the answer lies with Doug Legursky and Eric wood.

The signing of Doug Legursky was not a big splash. The Bills brought him in to compete for a LG position and to provide depth behind Eric Wood. During his four year career, he has started 17 games, all coming at center. We all like to assume that because someone can play center, they can play guard. Legursky is small for NFL lineman standards, especially with what the Bills have built during the Buddy Nix era. If Legursky was to win the starting LG role, he would be the smallest Lineman for the Bills To start this year, a trait that is normally reserved for the starting Center.

When healthy, Eric Wood is a monster and could be considered one of the best lineman in the NFL. Two years ago, at the halfway mark of the season, Eric Wood “along with Fred Jackson” made the mid-season all pro team. Wood is a mauler, at 6-4, 310lbs he is capable of taking on blockers one on one, and is also athletic enough to get to the next level. Eric Wood is not only the best Buffalo Bill lineman, he is one of the best players on the team.

So I ask, why not play Wood at guard, and Legursky at center? Legursky has NO starts at LG, but HAS started at center in the Superbowl for the Steelers. During the times that the Steelers were forced to play him at LG, he struggled against the better, more athletic defensive tackles and nose guards in the NFL. Legursky can bring playoff experience and a winning attitude to an offensive line that has no Playoff experience, but not as a guard, as a center for the Buffalo Bills.

Regardless of what QB the Bills decide to go with, a solid starting offensive line is a must. Corey Glenn, Eric Wood, Doug Legursky, Kraig Urbik, and Chris Harrison respectively, should be the starting offensive line this upcoming season. I believe this starting five provides basically no glaring weaknesses. Starting Wood at LG and Legursky at center ensures that Buffalo puts the best starting five onto the playing field each and every Sunday. Athletic, Huge, Experienced = Success.

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