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Metathread: new writer, re-launched podcast at Buffalo Rumblings

It's been a busy week here at Buffalo Rumblings: we have a new writer on the staff, and our podcast now has the firepower of a fully armed and operational battle station.


It's not often that we run two METATHREAD postings in one week here at Buffalo Rumblings, but it's been a busy week on the meta front, so here we are. I just wanted to briefly re-visit our METATHREAD from earlier this week, which addressed the following two topics:

We have a new writer

Most of you have already noticed that Rob Quinn has joined our staff, and has hit the ground running with two posts already this week. You may recognize Rob's name from other places that we've linked to here in Web Rumblings, namely, where he will continue to blog as well. Our updated masthead (also available here, with full author profiles) is below:

I also wanted to thank, again, the 60-plus of you - most of them readers right here in this community - for applying for the writing staff. There are still emails out to a few of you about potential roles, simply because there's a ton of talent here, and some of it is too hard to ignore. But consider our application process closed from this point forward; we'll roll with our current quartet for a little while, add maybe one or two smaller roles, and re-assess after a time. Your interest in making Buffalo Rumblings a better place, however, is sincerely appreciated.

Update on the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

Most of you are aware that the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast re-launched this week. More thanks to give out: over a thousand of you downloaded the podcast, and several more thousand streamed the show right here on the site. Your interest in the three of us talking on the phone is very flattering, and we'll work hard to up the quality as we move forward.

The show is now available on iTunes, as evidenced below:

For future reference: we'll continue to post each new show here on the blog for streaming purposes, but if you'd like to subscribe, here are the two links you're looking for:

We're currently planning on the next show happening in a couple of weeks, roughly around the time that the July 15 deadline on Jairus Byrd is approaching. From that point forward, we'll settle into more of a weekly flow as training camp begins. Here we go!