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Buffalo Bills news, 6/30: AFC East playoff picture

The Buffalo Bills are too unproven to unseat the mighty New England Patriots, according to

Jim Rogash

Who will win the AFC East? -

"The brittle Kevin Kolb has never shown he can last a season, and rookie EJ Manuel is a project. Throw in a new-to-the-NFL coaching staff, and it's unrealistic to expect the Bills to upstage the pecking order."

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AFC East mailbag: Dolphins' receivers - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"I take things year-to-year, and for this season Buffalo does not look like a playoff team. It’s a young group with some talented pieces that I like. But it always comes down to the quarterback."

Bills' C.J. Spiller, Jairus Byrd among NFL's top-100 snubs - ESPN
"Here is the simplest explanation why Byrd and Spiller didn’t make the list: Both play for Buffalo... Byrd and Spiller were both guilty by Bills association."

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Two new O.J. Simpson films in the works.

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