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EJ Manuel contract: Bills quarterback is now slotted

Kenny Vaccaro (No. 15 overall) and Jarvis Jones (No. 17) are now under contract, meaning that the contract for unsigned Bills quarterback EJ Manuel is now slotted.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The contract parameters are now in place for Buffalo Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel. The No. 16 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft is the Bills' only unsigned rookie at this point, and the players drafted immediately before and after him in April are now under contract with their respective teams.

Kenny Vaccaro, the No. 15 overall pick of the New Orleans Saints, signed a fully guaranteed four-year, $9.4 million deal with a $5.2 million signing bonus in early May. No. 17 pick Jarvis Jones signed a four-year contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday that will reportedly pay out $8.5 million and includes a $4.7 million signing bonus.

It will be interesting to see if Jones' deal is fully guaranteed. Within last year's draft class, first-round contracts stopped being fully guaranteed (though were still mostly guaranteed) with the No. 19 overall pick. Though Jones just signed his deal yesterday, there has been no confirmation that his deal is fully guaranteed - and as he enters the league with concerns about his spine, it's not unreasonable to think his deal may not have the benefit of full guarantees.

Manuel is, however, slotted: he'll sign a four-year deal that will be worth $9 million (or slightly less) with a roughly $4.8 million signing bonus. There is still no reason to worry about a deal not getting done before training camp, but it'll be curious to see how the full guarantee issue plays out. If Jones' deal is fully guaranteed, it should accelerate Manuel's negotiations. If not, there could be a bit more negotiating to do that could prolong the process a bit.