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Doug Legursky a sixth horse in Buffalo Bills left guard race

The Bills have six left guard candidates, and all of them have advantages in the race. Doug Legursky's is playing time.

Ronald Martinez

It's not often that a May free agent signing in the NFL walks into a starting lineup, but that's a very distinct possibility for new Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Doug Legursky.

The Bills have a bit of a free-for-all competition formulating at left guard, where the team is trying to replace a departed starter of the last 64 games, Andy Levitre. Spring OTAs have provided little insight into a pecking order at the position, with five different players rotating through the lineup for reps.

Legursky may not have the advantage of spring practices in Buffalo's offense that the rest of the team's competitors do, but he does have one very distinct leg up on Sam Young, Colin Brown, Thomas Welch, Chris Scott and Zack Chibane: experience. In fact, it's not even close.

Name Games (career) Games started
Doug Legursky 50 17
Young, Brown, Welch, Scott, Chibane combined 43 7

It's worth pointing out that Legursky was allowed to leave Pittsburgh as a free agent, and remained largely ignored on the free agent market until recent weeks. That's not without meaning. Young, Brown, Welch and Scott have all been with the Bills organization for at least a year, and while none have obviously played under Doug Marrone and his coaching staff, Chibane - an undrafted rookie out of Syracuse - has.

Every player in this race has some advantage working in his favor. Legursky is now another horse in the race, and he's got experience on his side. At the very latest, we'll know in late July how the newcomer factors into what is shaping up as the most interesting training camp battle of the summer.

Who do you like as the front-runner at left guard?