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Important dates for Jairus Byrd contract watch: July 15, November 12

If Jairus Byrd doesn't have a long-term deal in place by July 15, he'll have the option of holding out of Bills games until November 12.


The NFL has released a calendar for important events heading into the 2013 league year, and there are a few important dates worth pointing out as they pertain to the Buffalo Bills. Let's take a look:

July 15: Deadline for franchise tagged players to sign multi-year contract extensions. If no deal is reached by this date, a franchised player can only play on a one-year deal in 2013. This is a key date to keep in mind with Jairus Byrd.

July 28: Bills training camp opens at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, NY.

August 21: Training camp breaks, and the Bills head back to Orchard Park full-time.

August 27: 4PM ET deadline for teams to reduce their rosters to 75 players.

August 31: 6PM ET deadline for teams to reduce their rosters to 53 players.

September 1: Players released the day prior can be claimed on waivers until 12PM ET. Once Noon hits, those players are free agents and practice squads can start being formed.

October 29: The NFL's trade deadline is 4PM ET on this date.

November 12: Unsigned franchise tag players (i.e. those not under contract) must report by this date. If they do not, they will no longer be eligible to play in the NFL for the remainder of the 2013 season, and will therefore lose an accrued season towards free agency. This is the other date to keep in mind for Byrd; if (football gods forbid) he holds out into the season, this will be the drop-dead date for his return to the active roster.