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Jim Kelly undergoes successful surgery to treat cancer

Jim Kelly had surgery to treat cancer of the upper jaw on Friday, and the Erie County Medical Center tells us that things went well.


Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly had surgery on Friday morning as part of a treatment plan to deal with squamous cell carcinoma of the upper jaw, an ailment he announced Monday. Surgery went well, according to a statement provided by the Erie County Medical Center.

"At Mr. Kelly’s request, we thank everyone for their concern and well wishes for him and his family," reads the statement. "Today, Mr. Kelly underwent a partial maxillectomy to remove a squamous cell carcinoma of the upper gingival caused be chronic irritation at the gum site. He underwent reconstruction with a dental obturator. The surgery went very well. We are hopeful for and anticipate a speedy recovery and successful outcome. Mr. Kelly is recovering comfortably at this time. He is in the capable care of the great nurses and staff here at ECMC. He will remain here at the hospital until he feels comfortable to go home."

Your continued thoughts and prayers for Kelly and his family are welcome, but the good news is that he's come through his surgery well. Keep fighting, 12.