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Buffalo Bills eBay listings: worst jerseys

These are the strangest jerseys you can buy this weekend on eBay.

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

This week, we'll delve into the jerseys available on eBay. Sure, if you liked Poz, Trent, or Fitz you can have your pick of the litter. Lee Evans and Eric Moulds are pretty popular, too. But what if you want to stand out? Here are the strangest Buffalo Bills jerseys on ebay.

Jason Sehorn

This seller apparently thinks red, white, and blue means the Buffalo Bills and is oblivious that Sehorn played for the New York Giants. Maybe that's why he can't get a buck for it. If that's not enough for you, check out Rashaan Salaam.

Paul Seymour

Why is a jersey from the mid-'80s the second-most expensive Bills jersey on eBay?

Fred Jones

I'll be honest, I think more of the Ben Folds song than the Bills defensive end when I hear this name. If you're looking for a game-used jersey, you can't beat the price.

Trent Edwards

It's not unique because it's Trent Edwards. It's unique because it's a Toronto jersey and there's a mended tear in it and it's still apparently worth $11. Regular Trent Edwards jerseys are the among the most prolific on eBay, along with our next name.

Paul Posluszny

Again, this isn't the name, it's the jersey. Nothing on the front but the 51 and nameplate on the back. Obviously sanctioned by the NFL.

Olandis Gary

Gary was with the Bills for one off-season and never played in a regular season game for the team, but you can get a used jersey.

Jarrett Procell

Like Gary's, apparently you don't have to say "pre-season" in order to list it as "game used." You can also snag a sweet Marcus Spriggs 69, a David Bowens or a slew of other no-names from the pre-season and the same seller.

Dave Mudge

What. A. Name. Wikipedia doesn't even list that he was ever in Buffalo for a pre-season game (or any other NFL game for that matter).

Charles Johnson

You remember him, right? And... it's just the nameplate. And there's more: Grant Irons, a misspelled Liam Ezekiel, Shawn Price, DaShon Polk, Buffalo's own Drew Haddad, "Last Name" Hunt, Chris Denman, Marcus Price, "Last Name" Cotton, and way more are available from that same seller.


Who wears a blank jersey? There are a ton of these available. Speaking of blank jerseys, this guy doesn't even care if it's a Giants or Bills jersey - just like the guy selling Serhorn.


I'm no jersey expert, but this clearly isn't an old Bills jersey. With no nameplate or logo, it'll be tough to convince me otherwise.


I don't even know what to make of this. It's that strange.

C.J. Spiller

I mean... come on. Just click the link.

Dog jerseys

Why are these more expensive than man-sized jerseys?

Jersey Throw Blanket With Sleeves


Mike Williams autograph

Is $67 too expensive for a jersey I will burn?