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Metathread: code update, new Buffalo Rumblings Podcast coming

Things look slightly different at Buffalo Rumblings today; here's why. Also: the next episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast is right around the corner!


SB Nation back-end code maintenance

Have you noticed that things look ever-so-slightly different at Buffalo Rumblings today?

SB Nation has just completed a major project in which the back-end code of our blog platform was updated. For the end user (also known as our dear readers), the changes amount to small aesthetic tweaks - subtle font changes, some re-organization of content on specific pages, a slightly wider layout and updated navigation on mobile. Some things remain broken (like the colors on the front page), but those are being worked on as of the moment this was published.

Functionally, things should not have changed. Plus, you've seen these minor aesthetic tweaks live on certain parts of our blogs for weeks, chiefly in the FanPost section and in StoryStreams. Today, the updated code was applied to our home page and all article pages. These changes are sufficiently minor that your day-to-day experience shouldn't change drastically; if that is not the case, however, please send an email to support at sbnation dot com if you notice anything broken.

Buffalo Rumblings Podcast

Brendan Harrington, Matt Warren and I will sit down tomorrow (Thursday) night to record the next episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast (RSS, iTunes). This might end up being a Jairus Byrd themed episode, given the predominant story line of the week, and we'll work hard to turn it around for your listening enjoyment on Friday morning.

Friday mailbag questions

Buffalo Bills training camp is right around the corner - we're down to 18 days left until camp kicks off, if you can believe it - and we're therefore trudging towards the end of the tough part of our Friday mailbag series, when every question is a different angle on a topic that's been rehashed ad nauseam for months. If, however, you still have something you'd like to see discussed, please send an email to buffalorumblings at gmail dot com. Thanks!