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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast No. 2: Jairus Byrd watching

We're guessing that you may have heard... that Byrd is the word. The latest Buffalo Rumblings Podcast discusses said word early and often.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

This week's Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, hosted by Brendan Harrington and featuring myself and Matt Warren, focuses entirely on franchise tagged Buffalo Bills free safety Jairus Byrd and his pending contract standoff. What's the latest on the situation? What might happen if Byrd holds out? Find out that and more in the next 36 minutes of your life.

The show was recorded last (Thursday) evening, with Brendan, Matt and I running the gamut of Byrd-related topics - including, but not limited to, how far the Bills and agent Eugene Parker may be willing to take this standoff, whether or not a long-term extension by Monday afternoon is feasible, whether or not Byrd is worthy of top safety money, and what the team's safety position might look like if Byrd misses any game action. Don't worry: we keep the tone as light as possible, despite this being a topic that engenders a certain degree of consternation.

Our "Byrdcast" is embedded below. It's also available via RSS, iTunes and direct download. Please be sure to offer your thoughts on Brendan's non-Byrd topic offered in the closing minutes of the show, too! We're toying with the idea of a training camp preview episode prior to July 28, but at bare minimum, we'll slide into our regular weekly format when the Bills open training camp in a little over two weeks. For now, enjoy this podcast about a not-so-fun story as best as you can - and if you have any feedback, we're all ears.