So What Position(s) do the Bills Value

Color me confused. I am sure most people reading this post have read the NFL.Com article or at least Brain's article which states that it appears no deal will be done with the Bills and Byrd before the 15th "per league sources". Those same sources say that Byrd is looking for contracts similar too what other top safeties have received, but that Buffalo just doesn't value the position that much. So that means that Buffalo doesn't want to pay the going rate for a top Safety even when it's there own Safety. This made me wonder which positions do the Bills Value.

For sake of argument I am not going to worry about if a player is overpaid or not, I am going to focus on what got paid and what did not .

QB - I think this is a position that the Bills Value, but have been horrible at picking. They Rob Johnson big dollars for 1 good performance with another team, They gave a big extension to Doug Flute when he performed well for a period. Traded valuable picks for Drew Bledsoe. Paid J.P. Losman, gave a good extension to Trent Edwards, and paid out top end Starter Money to Fitzpatrick based on less than 1 season of performance. This shows without a doubt that QB is a position they value, even if they have not gotten good value for what the paid.

RB - I am going to say the Jury is still out on this one, sometimes they pay, sometimes they dump. I think this one is based more on the coach preference

WR - Sure they paid Stevie but not insane money. I think based on the comings and goings this is not a position they truly value.

TE - simply stated NO

OL - Proven time and again this is not a position they value, they would not pay (or overpay) for top talent (Jason Peters, Andy, etc). They sign mid range guys to good but not great deals and tend to not draft guys higher than round 2 (wood is the exception not the rule)

DL - This is a position of value for the Bills, they paid out the biggest contract ever for Mario, high dollars for Kelsey, and Kyle Williams, huge money for Anderson. Simply stated they have shown time and time again that they will give money to a DL, well spent or not.

LB - I don't think so this is a spot they tend to look for what they determine to be value as opposed to getting a big time talent or name, they have let their own talent go for bigger dollars (right or wrong I won't say and for this discussion not important)

CB - They draft them when it comes time to pay them they let them walk, the only exception to this is McKlevin and that I think was based more on wanting to keep a veteran and not have your most experienced CB a 2nd year player.

Safety - The report is they don't value the spot to pay top dollar, I wonder why they used the tag?

So based on what I am looking at (I am also trying to keep in the 2000's). There appear to me to be only 2 positions that the Bills feel have value and that is QB and DL. I can't argue in a QB driven league you need a top QB and you need to make sure you can get to the other guys QB.

That being said I am still disappointed. It's one thing if don't want to spend top dollars on another teams free agent if it's not a position that you put high value on. It's another when you draft a guy (or sign him as an drafted free agent) and they turn into a pro-bowl player, someone who is recognized by multiple sources in the league as one of the best if not the best at what they play and you let them go because you don't want to pay top dollar for that spot. What happens is you become the Buffalo Bills or teams like them, where you let talent get away but keep lesser talent because they play a priority position.

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