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Jairus Byrd holdout may continue until Buffalo Bills Week 1

The big question on the Jairus Byrd front - now that he and the Buffalo Bills have missed a deadline to sign a long-term contract extension this season - is whether or not he'll continue to miss team practices into training camp. Right now, the predominant theory is that agent Eugene Parker will indeed advise Byrd to skip training camp in an effort to leverage the Bills - who would clearly like Byrd in camp as soon as possible - into offering a one-year deal with a no-tag clause (or perhaps even just more money).

Tim Graham of The Buffalo News sums up the most popular guess as to how long Byrd might sit out. Long story short: this could look an awful lot like what Jason Peters did (on Parker's advice) in 2008, with the obvious difference being that Peters was under contract, while Byrd currently is not.