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Buffalo Bills news, 7/23: training camp starts Sunday night

The Buffalo Bills start training camp this Sunday, and local and national news agencies are getting back into the swing of things.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Bills’ offensive coordinator playing the brain game - The Buffalo News

"Watching my dad and his career," Nathaniel Hackett recalls, "when we were doing good, he was criticized. When we were doing bad, he was criticized. I loved football, but I wanted to be a doctor. I majored in neurobiology."

I'll just stick with football. It's not brain surgery! Seriously though, this is a nice profile of the new offensive coordinator.

Danny Amendola, Alex Smith among AFC players on the spot -

Bucky Brooks identifies Marcell Dareus as one guy under pressure on the Buffalo Bills roster. This isn't a very deep article or even a great read, but it's interesting how many people are openly expressing their feelings for Dareus this offseason. He hasn't lived up to his billing, and Brooks isn't the first one to say it. Dareus is the only player from the top seven of the 2011 NFL Draft to not make the Pro Bowl. Do you think he can step up in Mike Pettine's new defense?

Bills are due: How Buffalo can surprise |

"Can the Buffalo Bills be this year’s surprise team? It’s wild, but perhaps not as crazy as you think. What has to go right? What can’t go wrong? Why do we do this to ourselves? The answers to two of those questions are below…"

The always entertaining Nick Mendola typed this piece, so give it a hit.

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#6 - How quickly will all the new parts mesh? -
"In the end the synergy on the field will come down to the players. Buffalo’s staff can put them in position to succeed, but the execution is on the players in uniform."

Training camp preview - Press Coverage | The Buffalo News
If you missed any of TBN's preview of training camp, they've compiled the list of articles here.

ProFootballTalk: New faces in Buffalo | ProFootballTalk
"The PFT guys take a look into who some of the new faces are from this off-season. Plus, what to expect from the Bills once the season kicks off."

Buffalo Bills training camp will have plenty of familiar faces |
"Here are five story lines to watch at Bills camp and all the info you need so you can check out the Bills in action."

Top 25 AFC position battles during training camp -
Buffalo's kickers start off the list of camp battles and it ends with - surprise, surprise - the quarterback situation. "I'm fascinated to see coach Doug Marrone's offense in the NFL, and I'm intrigued to see how quickly Manuel can adapt to the pro level. This is a legitimate 50-50 competition, which is rare at quarterback. Yes, the 2013 Buffalo Bills are interesting!" Thanks for that throwaway sentence, Gregg.