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Buffalo Rumblings meta: Bills training camp coverage plan

What can you expect to see at Buffalo Rumblings during Buffalo Bills training camp? Well, how about we just tell you what you can expect?


Buffalo Bills training camp kicks off on Sunday evening with a night practice open to the public, and for this week's METATHREAD, we thought it'd be a good idea to give the community an idea of what we're planning coverage-wise for the remainder of the summer.

It all starts with you. We'd like to feature our community in our training camp coverage this year. Specifically: if you're headed up to a Bills training camp practice this year, we'd love to hear your thoughts on what you observed at St. John Fisher College. Even better: grab a camera and send us your photos.

Let's start with the photo submissions. If you're a photog-in-training or a mere hobbyist with an affinity for the Bills, we're interested in crowdsourcing some photo galleries from training camp. We did this during last year's Thursday Night Football game between the Bills and Miami, with fans emailing in photos they took during the game and the pre-game tailgate for the very cool (if relatively small) photo gallery seen below.

We really think that this - plus the aforementioned FanPost recaps, of which many of you have participated in previous seasons (here's a great example of one) - could be a unique and fun way to feature the community's eyes and ears from Growney Stadium. Naturally, we'll have other coverage planned to fill in the gaps if y'all would rather hurl insults at Brad Smith or revel in the majesty of Doug Marrone's visors, but if you're interested in sharing your photos and your hot sports takes, we're all ears.

Speaking of what we have planned, here's a quick bullet-point rundown of the basics that we're planning on hitting:

  • Up through this weekend, we'll have plenty more pre-camp coverage coming your way, with lots of broad-stroke looks to wrap up a long off-season
  • On the day camp begins, we'll have a full practice schedule, a "how to do Bills training camp" post (both of those courtesy of MRW), a feature-length camp primer that I'm in the midst of re-editing, and final pre-camp looks at a 53-man roster projection and depth chart
  • Once practices begin, we'll be chasing the inevitable training camp battles, bubble watch and depth chart movement news. MRW will recap all of those in his daily Web Rumblings posts, and we'll have weekly depth chart updates to track players' progress (or lack thereof).
  • There will be at least one photo gallery to flip through (though there will be many more if the community gets trigger-happy at Fisher!)
  • Next Monday, we'll record another episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, and that will continue on a per-week basis. (Plus, on off weeks for the show, MRW and I are planning on trying to orchestrate some quick Google Hangouts to fill in the space and get some video content up. Don't hold us to that. We may also be completely lost without Brendan.)

If you're a news hound and follow the comings and goings of training camp obsessively, you'll be right at home following our planned coverage on our home page, as usual. If, however, you take more of a laid-back approach to following training camp and are looking for a more curated experience, you'll want to bookmark our Bills training camp hub, which will be constantly updated, but tailored to keep the major story lines prominent.

I will be at camp in person on August 5 and August 9, and I believe MRW and possibly Brendan will be joining me on the fifth, as well. Stop by and say hi; I'll probably be the only dude there wearing a Buffalo Rumblings t-shirt.

Questions? Suggestions? The comments section is all yours.