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Bills training camp: Mario Williams not in attendance for Day 2

The Buffalo Bills are back on the practice field on Monday, and we're chatting and updating the practice live as news updates trickle in.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Less than 24 hours after completing their first full training camp practice of the new year, the Buffalo Bills are back on the field at St. John Fisher College for a practice scheduled to run from 2:10-5:10 this afternoon.

Much like last night's open thread, consider this a live chat option to keep up to date on today's practice - and we will also be adding updates to this story as they occur. Keep your finger hovered over that F5 button, and then press it on occasion.

There are a few big story lines we'll be keeping an eye on, starting with the health status of defensive linemen Mario Williams (who didn't participate in team drills last night) and Marcell Dareus (who did, but appeared to be limited). The quarterback competition will never not be interesting this summer, and we're curious to see if there are any lineup changes at some of the key battle areas of the starting units.

Here's your first update to get the ball rolling:

Chris Brown of has confirmed that Williams is not in attendance.