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Poll: Most hated New England Patriot according to Buffalo Bills fans

You've read the nominees. Now it's time to vote on the most hated Patriots figure of all-time, according to Bills fans.

Tom Szczerbowski
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

You nominated your most hated New England Patriots figure of all-time, and we compiled your best comments - though to be fair, if you had a great comment nominating multiple people, it's not here. We want conviction! Below are some of the best comments from our nominations post. Now you need to vote for the most hated New England Patriot. This Patriot will face the winner of the New York Jets poll in our final showdown bracket of hatred.

Nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

Bill Belichick

The Patriots' most successful coach hasn't won a Super Bowl since Spygate.


Tom Brady

He put down Buffalo's hotel rooms, married a supermodel, and endorses products most men wouldn't wear.

Brady2_medium Brady3_medium Brady_medium

Teddy Bruschi

He's got the heart of a champion, folks.


Bandwagon Fans


Fans2_medium Fans3_medium Fans_medium

Rodney Harrison

He was a dirty loudmouth who was given an even bigger platform after he retired. Awesome.


Bob Kraft

Since taking over ownership of in New England, a string of bad things for Buffalo have happened in the Bills-Patriots rivalry.

Kraft_medium Kraft2_medium

Brandon Spikes

Another dirty player. Hmmmm.


Wes Welker

A little gnat that constantly annoyed Bills fans.


Vince Wilfork

Another dirty player. Hmmmm.


No matter how great your nominations were, they don't count in the voting process. Feel free to leave arguments for one over another in the comments section but only votes will be tallied.