Why the Bills should have kept Fitzi and dumped Kolb

The Buffalo Bills made a major mistake letting Fitzpatrick go. They overpaid him, yes, but he is a solid QB mentally, he just lacked the physical ability to make the plays his mind and heart wanted to. IMO he would have been a great mentor for EJ Manuel. He was smart, tough and gutsy.

Instead, the management at OBD opted to keep Kevin "Koncussion" Kolb around. Now Kolb is running his mouth making comments slamming EJ Manuel and acting like he is on the Dallas Cowboys or New Jersey Jets roster, NOT like a blue collar Buffalo Bill. It will make little difference what Konkussion Kevin has to say by week 4 when he is out again with another concussion or traumatic brain injury. The guy is a proven injury risk, a proven loser, and now we can add proven detriment to the team to the list of negatives on this guy.

Acting like a professional is rare in the modern sports era with the huge pay checks and the huge egos. Kudos to Ryan Fitzpatrick for being a class act and to EJ Manuel for not engaging in ridiculous activities like Kolb. Good luck Ryan.

Who is the rookie again? Kolb is acting like the rook and EJ is humbly learning the offense. Hey Kevin, look up CLASS in the Webster's and try practicing some.

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