The '13 Buffalo Bills Season- Receivers to the Rescue

Reading about Kevin Kolb's thoughts that he isn't buying what they're selling re: that he is a placeholder to be on the bench at the first signs of trouble, the readiness of heir apparent EJ Manuel, or both. He feels that he can be more than that, in other words THE long term starter.

While this might be filed in the "what else is he going to say" category, it does at least drive a little bit of thought at the possibility. How good / bad was Kolb? Can he be a starter? His record says he couldn't get it done. Passed on by multiple teams. Chances are this is correct, he's another perennial backup. However, many believe he is a potential upgrade over ousted Ryan Fitzpatrick, and given the right circumstances he could lead this team to some decent success.

Ponder the offensive weapons he will have to work with. The running game will be there. Surely Hackett / Marrone are no dummies and will use the strengths of the offense for all they are worth. Building on the notion of more pass attempts to CJ Spiller seems great on paper.

But then you think about the receivers the Bills have assembled, and all of sudden this could be the asset that could benefit the Bills offense (and Kolb) most of all. We all know the cast- incumbent starter Stevie Johnson, a (hopefully) recovered Scott Chandler, (who by rights was a safety valve / possession receiver / end zone threat who was the defacto no. 2 receiver), TJ Graham, and new promising rookies Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin and Da'Rick Rogers.

Arguably this could be the greatest coup in recent Bills memory. The fact that the organization saw the obvious position of need (not always the case in recent years) and went another step- going beyond just finding a no. 2 receiver- but potentially turning this into a position of strength and depth.

The scenario for offensive success seems within reach- barring concerns at the OL positions- but consider that the Bills did not have a legitimate no. 2 receiver last season- a missing fundamental element of an NFL offense.

It seems reasonable that at a minimum, one of the receivers on the roster will rise to a legitimate no. 2 status behind Johnson. A legitimate target, not just a body running routes, is just what this offense needs for more production. It opens up the running game, it forces legitimate double coverage, it opens up tight end and running back receiving options, it is essential for a fully functioning NFL offense.

This is within reach and reasonable for the Bills in the '13 season. It is a ground level scenario.

If an emerging true no. 2 receiver is ground level optimism, what does the ceiling look like if these guys exceed expectations?

The "current" no. 1 receiver may not like to think about that.

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