Why Don't The Buffalo Bills Like their Home Grown Talent?

First I will say that it is possible that before the 15th the Bills will sign Byrd and prove me wrong, however that being said. I want to know it seems that in the era of Free Agency the Buffalo Bills simply to not like their home grown talent? We can point to case after case where Buffalo extended the contract of OK or average players to deals that were way to rich for what they deserve. Chris Kelsey is an example. However the question is why not for the young talent the potential superstars? What do I mean?

1) Travis Henry - several 1000 yard seasons and we draft Willis, and basically let him go

2) Winfield - star cover corner, when it became time to pay him, nope let him go to the Vikings; same for Nate Clements

3) Jason Peters - traded away because hell you can put any one at left tackle.

Now that brings me to Byrd. I suppose I may be biased in this assessment however I do honestly believe that Byrd is the best Free Safety in the NFL. He is young, he plays a key role in our Defense which allows us to do more. He is also one of the few marketable players we have on this team.

In the end I think what will happen is Buffalo will decide that he is asking for more money than we want to pay a Safety and that we can find other guys who can fill the role so we will end up trading him away.

What is so bad about saying, damn your the best (or at the very worse top 5) of your position. You are a good teammate, good character, so we are going to pay you and keep a superstar here rather than send you off so we can continue to over pay players at positions we think we need to spend more money on.

Am I wrong here?

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