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Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football 2013: MRW's reign ends

We're looking for the best and brightest fantasy footballers at Buffalo Rumblings to help end Matt Warren's reign of terror as league champion.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Warren won the Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football league championship in 2012. In the time since, he has turned the utopia of our league into a dusty, bleeding wasteland of tyranny and mockery. He must be overthrown.

The NFL's regular season starts in three weeks, so we're in a bit of a pinch to get this year's league set up and the draft scheduled. Here's how this will work: if you want to help end MRW's iron-fisted fantasy reign, leave a comment below indicating your interest (and qualifications) by 12PM ET today. Over the lunch hour, I'll randomly select eight of you (or maybe ten, depending on the level of interest) to join us in this year's league.

Just like previous seasons, we'll be trying to help those of you that aren't randomly selected to slay the MRW beast to set up your own Yahoo! fantasy football leagues amongst each other. Because if you're a multi-league guy or gal and are interested in playing with other Buffalo Bills fans, why not do so with your Buffalo Rumblings brethren? We've set up as many as eight leagues filled with Rumblers in previous seasons, so let's set a new record this year.

But first, we need to square away the eight brave soldiers to help take down MRW. At high Noon, we'll assemble our forces.