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"Ill will" remains between Buffalo Bills, Jairus Byrd

Someone involved in the ongoing contract saga between Jairus Byrd and the Buffalo Bills is working hard to make sure that things stay frosty between the two sides - even as Byrd has signed his one-year, $6.916 million franchise tender and is returning to the team on Thursday.

Multiple reporters came forth with vagaries like this on Wednesday:

Whoever is leaking this information to reporters - and it's sounding an awful lot like it's coming from Byrd's side of the equation, quite frankly - isn't doing Byrd any favors in the eye of the public. If his missing training camp made him unpopular in some corners, then the idea that he'll take his sweet old time getting up to speed with games that count beginning in 16 days should piss off a few more people.

And so, with long-term contract negotiations unable to take place until next spring, posturing continues on both sides of the equation - and it's getting unbelievably annoying.