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Last call for Buffalo Rumblings fantasy football

We're looking to help facilitate the formation as many Buffalo Rumblings fantasy football leagues as possible this year. Interested?

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, we announced the re-launch of the Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy Football League. Eight of you were randomly chosen to compete alongside Matt Warren (the nefarious defending champion) and I in this year's league, and we're holding our league draft tonight. (There can be no question that I, owner of the Fighting Heisenbergs, will emerge with the best team.)

In the meantime, there were dozens more of you that expressed interest in joining a Rumblings league, but that were not selected for the "main" league, if you will. We know that some of you immediately began forming your own leagues when the eight names were announced, and this thread will be a continuation of that process as we look to set up as many Buffalo Rumblings fantasy football leagues as possible.

If you've already set up a fantasy league with fellow Rumblers, let us know about it and who's in it - and, alternately, if you're in need of more players, feel free to recruit members here. Alternately, if you're looking for a league, let that be known - and if you're feeling especially ambitious, why not name yourself commissioner of a league and grab nine or eleven cohorts?

We're happy to help the organizational efforts if need be. Let's play fantasy football!