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Photos from Buffalo Bills training camp, Day 9

Buffalo Rumblings reader Joe Harris sends in his best shots from the Buffalo Bills' training camp practice on Wednesday, August 7.

The Buffalo Bills hit the practice field at St. John Fisher College on Wednesday morning, and Buffalo Rumblings reader Joe Harris was up bright and early to capture the experience. He was kind enough to send in a slew of great photos from practice this morning, which you can see in the gallery above. Thanks very much, Joe!

If you're heading up to training camp practices later this summer and are interested in sharing your photos or documenting your experience in a FanPost, we're always more than happy to toss those onto the front page. The more observations we can add to the camp coverage experience, the better off we all are, right? If you think you might be interested in doing either of these things down the line, just shoot an email to

And, in case you missed them earlier, we have galleries from the first and second practices of camp, as well. Plus: our gallery hub is always open for business.