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Doug Legursky injury update: Bills guard doesn't need surgery

Legursky suffered an ugly knee injury in Thursday night's preseason finale, but initial fears that his season was over appear to have been misplaced.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Doug Legursky suffered a knee injury so severe-looking in the team's preseason finale against Detroit on Thursday that head coach Doug Marrone implied it could be a season-ender that very evening. As it turns out, however, Legursky won't even need surgery - a fact reported by Tim Graham of The Buffalo News.

The news could help explain why Legursky is one of only eight offensive linemen that the Bills currently have on the active roster; he's also the only reserve on the interior of the line, though backup tackles Thomas Welch and Sam Young have both cross-trained at guard, as well.

Then again, "might not go on IR" doesn't sound promising for Legursky's short-term availability, either - and the injury did look bad. The Bills have just 50 players on their active roster as of this morning, and will hold a practice this afternoon; it seems far more likely than not that one of the team's three expected player acquisitions will be a guard or center.

Either way, the news is better for Legursky than it looked like it'd be on Thursday night.