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Buffalo Bills' C.J. Spiller returns to Orchard Park

Buffalo's star tailback is back in Orchard Park after a week away to grieve the loss of his step-grandfather with family. Read what he had to say upon his return.

Michael Hickey

A week after leaving the team to be with his family during a time of tragedy, Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller returned to Orchard Park on Sunday, and is expected to practice on Monday.

"I'd be lying if I said I've put it behind me," Spiller told reporters on Sunday. "It's still early, there are still emotions there. When I get out there on the football field, that’s all I'm worried about."

Spiller had been in Florida with family, grieving the loss of his step-grandfather in an apparent murder-suicide that took place prior to the team's third preseason game against Washington. The star running back heard about the incident prior to kickoff, but chose to play in the game.

"My running back group, (Fred Jackson) was the first one that knew," Spiller said. "He came right up to me and he held his support and Coach Wheatley. He was up there talking to me and giving me support, just letting me have the moment to myself. Like I said, the whole staff and the players, it’s been great support."

Spiller is healthy following an injury scare in Washington, in which he took a spike to the knee and suffered a cut. He'll slide right back into the starting lineup in preparation for New England, coming off a preseason in which he rushed for 102 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries in three games.