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NFL Week 3 live chat: early games open thread

While we await the Buffalo Bills' 4:25PM kickoff against the New York Jets, let's chat about today's early games.

Patrick McDermott

The Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets won't kick off their Week 3 contest until 4:25PM ET, so until then, we're stuck watching non-Bills football in the early time slot.

You can check out this site for a viewing map for today's Week 3 action around the country. If you're in Western New York like most of us, you'll be choosing between the CBS offering (Houston at Baltimore) or the FOX offering (either Tampa Bay at New England or the Giants at Carolina, depending on your proximity to Buffalo or Rochester, respectively) before the Bills game.

Use this as an open thread to discuss whichever games you're tuning in for (and, let's face it, you'll probably want to talk about your fantasy teams as well), and we'll see you a bit later on this afternoon for today's Bills/Jets game. We'll have open threads for that game throughout the afternoon, and coverage will pick up in the vicinity of 2:45-3:00 when the inactive list is announced.