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NFL playoffs 2014: Panthers vs. 49ers open thread

The Carolina Panthers host the San Francisco 49ers in the third game of the 2014 NFL divisional playoffs. Buffalo Bills fans chat about the events from Bank of America Stadium as they unfold.

Ezra Shaw

On Saturday, the Seattle Seahawks secured their place in the 2014 NFC Championship Game with a 23-15 win at home over the New Orleans Saints. As the No. 1 seed in the conference, Seattle will be hosting next week's contest that will decide this year's Super Bowl participant; now, they just need an opponent.

Earlier this season, the Carolina Panthers beat the San Francisco 49ers on the left coast, 10-9, in a critical game that helped the Panthers secure a first-round bye. They will therefore host the 49ers in the playoff rematch; the 12-4 Panthers will look to sweep a 49ers team coming off of a 23-20 win at Lambeau Field last week.

If you're watching the game today, this is an open thread to discuss the events from Bank of America Stadium. Who do you think wins this one, Bills fans? Is either of these teams capable of pulling an upset in Seattle next weekend?

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