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Buffalo Bills salary cap 2014: offense breakdown

The most expensive position on offense for the Buffalo Bills heading into 2014: wide receiver. Could that change this offseason?

Scott Cunningham

As the Buffalo Bills enter the 2014 offseason, their roster is full of players who won't be with the team this fall. Let's take a look at how the Bills are currently constructed in relation to the projected $126.3 million salary cap and where they might make adjustments. We'll start on the offensive side of the ball.

Wide Receiver - $12.858 million (10.2% of cap)

Would the Bills cut Stevie Johnson to save some money on the cap? It might not be likely, but don't rule it out. His $8.5 million cap hit is the second-highest on the team. With cheaper alternatives available in the draft that better fit the mold of a No. 1 receiver, this position could look quite different in eight months.

Interior O-Line - $11.435 million (9.1% of cap)

Replacing Andy Levitre didn't go so well for the Bills in 2013, and this position group is likely to see something of an overhaul as a result. The new contract extension signed by Eric Wood in August will make him the highest-paid player ($5.3 million) on the offensive line, skewing the numbers a touch.

Running Back - $8.935 million (7.1% of cap)

With his new raise, the cap number for C.J. Spiller jumps to almost $6 million. With no major movement expected at the position, this number will likely stay pretty steady for 2014 - barring a contract extension for Fred Jackson or Spiller, who are both scheduled to hit free agency a year from now, or a small contract for soon-to-be-free agent Frank Summers.

Quarterback - $7.492 million (5.9% of cap)

With five quarterbacks currently under contract for the 2014 season, this number is certainly going to come down by the time the season actually begins, unless the team signs another veteran quarterback. Releasing veteran Kevin Kolb would save more than $3 million in cap space, for instance, the $730K minimum for Dennis Dixon is currently more than both Jeff Tuel and Thad Lewis' cap numbers.

Offensive Tackle - $5.529 million (4.4% of cap)

Erik Pears is a pink slip candidate with a high $3.45 million cap hit in 2014. Cordy Glenn is still playing on his rookie deal, but could be looking at a preemptive extension from the front office if his solid play continues. Don't be surprised if a few cheap alternatives are added to this group if and when Pears is subtracted, either through the draft or free agency.

Tight End - $2.548 million (2.0% of cap)

With veteran Scott Chandler a free agent, the Bills will likely be adding one or two more bodies at this position, potentially altering the number with a veteran or a draft pick - or both. It currently sits as the cheapest position group on the offense, and third-cheapest on the team.

As it is currently constituted, the offense will count for just $48.797 million, or 38.6 percent of the projected 2014 salary cap. With special teams counting for just $2.163 million (1.7 percent), the Bills will have plenty of cap space to upgrade should they so choose.