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Buffalo Bills news, 1/26: more Jim Schwartz hiring reaction

More reaction is flowing in from the hiring of Jim Schwartz.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Beyond the stats: C.J. Spiller 2012 vs. 2013 - Buffalo Wins

Nickel City Bills compares Spiller in 2012 and 2013 running through the same holes and more. Check it out.

Schwartz links

Bills' foresight results in quick DC hire - Buffalo News
"Thirty hours after Mike Pettine was introduced as the Browns' head coach, the Bills announced they hired Jim Schwartz to replace him."

Why Buffalo Bills new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is a good hire - Auburn Pub
"Here's some details about the Titans defense under Schwartz:"

Browns get their guy at Bills’ expense - Olean Times Herald
Clearly, the Browns’ management had no plan beyond dumping Chudzinski.And that’ s when the comedy show really started.

Inside The Bills | Schwartz values the numbers
"Armed with an economics degree from Georgetown, Schwartz has always been a numbers guy, but he has enough sense to know the proper place for advanced metrics in football."

Inside The Bills | What do Jerry Hughes and Aaron Williams think of Jim Schwartz?
Hughes: "Excited. Just happy we got someone who is excited to win and excited to coach football. Now I’m just anxious to see what we are going to do with the defense and the new things we are going to be able to start with."

Inside The Bills | What Bills Pro Bowlers think of Schwartz hire
"I have heard he is a really good defensive coordinator and he did a great job with the Lions in terms of helping to turn that team around. I’m looking forward to him coming over to the Bills and helping us out. I’m just excited to get to meet him and get to know him," Dareus said.

Q&A about Jim Schwartz - Buffalo Wins
Buffalo Wins sent a bunch of questions to Pride of Detroit before Jim Schwartz was hired. Here is the result.

Jim Schwartz's 8 years as Tennessee Titans Defensive Coordinator in review - FANPOSTS - Buffalo Rumblings
"So here is a list of the rankings from his 8 years as defensive coordinator with the Lions."

More clicks

Pro Bowl Q & A: Kyle Williams -
Kyle Williams answers questions about the Pro Bowl.

Mike Lodish goes from six Super Bowls to peanut brittle maker - ESPN New York
"Who is the only person to play in six Super Bowls, the most in NFL history? The answer? Mike Lodish, a former 10th-round draft pick who now sells his mom's peanut brittle for a living."