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EJ Manuel confirms he's had more knee surgery

Once his rookie season came to a close, Bills quarterback EJ Manuel went under the knife one more time in an effort to be fully healthy for the 2014 season.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking from Super Bowl XLVIII, Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel confirmed to reporters on Thursday that he had surgery on his injured left knee following the conclusion of the 2013 regular season.

"It was a minor procedure," Manuel said, via The Buffalo News. "Just like a 20-minute, in-and-out cleanup of the ligaments and things like that, so I'm happy I got it done."

Manuel also told reporters that he plans to wear a brace on his left knee for the rest of his career, citing other quarterbacks around the league (he mentioned Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning by name) that do the same. That left knee is his lead leg as he steps into throws, leaving it exposed to further issues without the brace. Manuel injured that knee twice in his rookie season.

Currently rehabbing from the post-season procedure, Manuel assured reporters that he expects to be fully healthy and his usual athletic self when work for the 2014 season begins. His knees, however, will be a popular topic of conversation throughout the spring and summer months.