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Buffalo Rumblings Hangout: Bills 2013 season review, Q&A

Buffalo Rumblings Senior Editor Matt Warren hosted a live Q&A on Wednesday night, recapping the 2013 Buffalo Bills season and looking forward to the 2014 offseason. Watch it here.

This Wednesday at 9PM ET, Brian and I will be taking your questions in a Google Hangout live. Hangouts offer a chance for you to see and hear the contributors here at Buffalo Rumblings, but you also get to ask questions and have your questions heard. As it's still a new venture, here's a brief overview on how to participate.

Watch it live or after the fact right here on Buffalo Rumblings! One of the coolest features of Google Hangouts is the ability to stream them live over YouTube. Even better: the opportunity to embed that YouTube video into one of our posts, giving us the ability to have live video chats streaming right at Buffalo Rumblings. If you missed it, it's embedded above. It'll go live when we do on Wednesday evening.

To participate and ask questions

There are lots of ways to have your voice heard during our Google Hangouts. You can ask questions or make comments here in the comments section of the post. You can also sign in and use the Q&A feature on the Google Hangout itself if you want us to instantly see your post. Finally, you can also tweet us your thoughts at @BuffRumblings or @MattRichWarren.

We'll have regularly scheduled Hangouts throughout the offseason, as well, to coincide with the Hall of Fame announcement, discuss the draft, free agency, and much more. Stay tuned, and we'll talk to you Wednesday evening!