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How would the Buffalo Bills fare down six with two minutes left?

Marshall Faulk has a very specific question that is sure to make Buffalo Bills fans spout sarcasm and make jokes of deprecation.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Marshall Faulk is asking Buffalo Bills fans about their team in a specific situation this week, which is sure to go over well after the Bills were handled with ease by the New England Patriots in situational football last Sunday.

The Bills have been in one-score situations late in the fourth quarter (or overtime) three times this season, and are 2-1 in those contests. So, there's that. They have not yet been in the exact scenario that Mr. Faulk describes, so it's difficult to say anything other than this: it's likely that the overwhelming majority of Bills fans would rather be up by six, with the opponent facing that scenario and the Bills' defense trying to hold on for a win.

Naturally, any fan base would think that way, but it's particularly vital for the Bills, who are not really structured to be playing from behind. Their strengths are suited to playing with a lead on both sides of the football. Even with the passing game seeing an ever-so-slight uptick in production with Kyle Orton under center, it's probably fair to expect that Bills fans would be anticipating a loss in that scenario.

Let's all hope that the Bills have a comfortable lead and the ball with 2:00 remaining this Sunday against Minnesota. It's been a month since the Bills have been in that spot. They're due, right?

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